Various Industrial Plants

Hyubwoo has accumulated a vast amount of experience and expertise through execution of numerous domestic and international projects. With an outstanding staff of experts in exporting various kinds of plants and related production technologies, and also raw materials supply requisite for commercial operation. Hyubwoo offers the finest services with total reliability and satisfaction in close consultation with highly qualified manufacturers.

To comply with client¨s requirement Hyubwoo provides clients with total services ranging from feasibility studies, commercial proposal with plant planning, engineering and design to project management for site erection, start-up operation and maintenance.

Hyubwoo provide in this field


  • Rubber belt manufacturing plant
  • Paper bag making plant
  • Paper packaging plant
  • Edible oil plant
  • Ice making plant


Exhaust Machine for Halogen Lamp

Tissue Paper Processing Plant


Mineral Water Plant

 Edible Soybean Oil


Oxygen/acetylene Plant                                                                                    

Hyubwoo provide the complete engineering and design, equipment and machinery, site supervision, further start-up and commissioning for the plant. Production capacity is ranging from 30Nm3 to 300Nm3 per hour


Mineral Water Plant                                                                                            

The plant capacity is standardized to be 200BPM each line and it can be easily expanded as required. The plant include pre-treatment system, rinsing, bottling, and packing. On client¨s request the PET bottle production line can also be supplied


Electric Lamp Production Plant                                                                        

The plant capacity is standardized to be 3.6 million pcs per year each line and it can be easily expanded as required. The lamp type is of incandescent bulb and internationally recognized type.


Rice Milling Plant                                                                                                

The plant capacity is standardized to be 1,800 ton storage and 4.5ton/hr milling. Also it can be easily expanded as required.The plant includes rice drying & storage and rice milling & packing facilities.


LPG filling plant                                                                                             

The plant capacity is standardized to be 2.5 tons/hour including the LPG storage


Cement Brick and Soil based Brick Plant                                                                                                

High productivity and quality can be guaranteed by our special design and engineering of cement brick factory.
Hyubwoo can supply below systems
  • Auto loader/unloader
  • Auto control systme
  • Auto cubic machine
  • Celing crane and curing room
  • Loading crane
  • Rack conveyor