Steel & Metal Processing Plants






























A leader in field of steel and metal processing plant engineering, Hyubwoo provide full engineering service including consultant, plant detail design, machinery and facility supply, start-up service, commissioning, training service, and transfer of technical know-how.

We supply the most up-to-dated technology to clients in such specialized field as hot and cold rolling mill plant, and other metal process plant. Hyubwoo provide maximum flexibility to meet all client¨s requirement so that each project can be tailored to the client¨s needs.

Hyubwoo provide in this field


  • Copper pipe manufacturing plant
  • Cutting wire production plant
  • Bailing hoop production plant
  • Shearing and slitting plant
  • Steel forming plant
  • Steel pipe manufacturing plant
  • Sandwich panel mfg. plant


Steel Forming Plant


Hot Rolling Mill Plant

Slitting Line


Hot Rolling Mill Plant

The hot rolling mill plant for

  • Concrete reinforced bar
  • Rod bar
  • Angle and steel bar
production for economic size of 15,000 ton/yr minimum, to 200,000 ton/yr can be provided.  This plant will be applied by new developed process and technique, improved machinery and facilities for superior product quality

Cold Rolling Mill Plant

Hyubwoo provide rolling mills, shearing line, slitting lines and forming lines on the plant unit basis, and undertake supply of the plant to meet all the requirements of client and also provide developed technology for operation and training of client¨s trainee.


Wire Manufacturing Plant

Steel Pipe Manufacturing Plant

Bolts & NUTS

Wire & Cord

Tube Foaming Plant


Electric Wire Manufacturing Plant

Hyubwoo provide a complete production line system of:
  • Solid single conductor wire
  • Stranded single conductor wire
  • Twin wire
  • Power cord
  • Power cable
  • Control cable
  • Power cord sets molded plug
  • Telephone cord set
  • Other special cord
with operation technique and training of client¨s trainee.

Other Metal Process Plant

A full line of Hyubwoo¨s engineering services await client to perform consultant, design, supply and technical service for the any other metal processing plant, even if not described herewith, in accordance with client¨s requirements such as;
  • Wire mesh mfg. plant
  • Fence mfg. plant
  • Drum mfg. plant
  • Wire rope mfg. plant
  • Other metal work shop