The power plant is presently operating in Korea and sell generated electricity and steam to customers.

    Also, the power plant fully comply with environment protection regulations associated..

    Brief technical specification is as follows;

    1) CAPACITY 

    *  Annual steam production capacity >> 737,000 TON

    *  Annual power production capacity >> 165,000 MWH



Since the IMF financial crisis in Korea happened in the end of 1997, rapid economy restructuring in wide industries was under way to strengthen his competition.

A number of companies have been joint-ventured with foreign capitals or merged to other companies. In the course of such an economic reformation the industrial structure of Korea has shifted to high technology-based industries, in stead, the cheap labor intensive industries have gradually faded away in the markets.

In spite of that, accumulated production technologies might remain one of valuable asset transferable to the third countries. In parallel with the supply of brand-new machinery, we are actively expanding to supply the second-hand machinery and complete plants along with production technologies associated..

In Cameroon we have already supplied a complete p.p woven bag plant ranging machinery supply to production technicians, assuring for quality product. In addition, we managed SIPROMAC factory in Maroua, Cameroon which consists a PVC pipe production, nail production, al. corrugated sheet production and PE tube production. It included production, sales of products and entire management..