Plastic & Rubber Processing Plants 



Plastic & rubber processing plant requires special technology for high quality products. Hyubwoo has supplied the woven sack plant to Ethiopia and Cameroon and pp multi-filament extruder to Nigeria in 2007. Hyubwoo provide necessary technology and complete machinery for your plant. Hyubwoo provide, not only machinery or facility, but also new production technology and all of your requirements necessary for commercial production as quick as possible. To comply with your inquiry and price quotation  we would like to receive the following information as min.;

 - production capacity per hour

 - products type and size to be produced

 - new installation or expansion to existing factory

 - accessories, if any


Hyubwoo provide in this field ; 

  • Multi-filament extruder
  •  Rope and belt manufacturing plant



 Blow Moulding Plant

Film Extrusion Plant

Blow Moulding Products

Film Extrusion Products


Injection Molding Plant                                                   

Hyubwoo provide injection molding machine with auxiliary machinery necessary for your production, and  injection mould will be provided in accordance with the client's requirement.


Film Extrusion and Plastic Bag Manufacturing Plant                            

High speed blown film extrusion equipment can produce LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE tubular blown film product. This equipment can incorporate with continuous printing machine, and automatic seal and cutting machine to produce:

  • HDPE, LDPE, film sheet
  • General use poly bag
  • Shopping bag
  • Packing bag


Blow Molding Plant                                                                                           

Automatic blow molding line can produce from small-sized plastic bottles to large containers. Hyubwoo also provide bottle cap making line and printing machine as necessary to produce any kinds of special use bottles and containers, and can be produced all kinds of:
  • Liquid and cosmetics bottle
  • Water bottle
  • Oil container
  • Water container
  • Insulation container



Sheet Manufacturing Plant                                                                                

The special sheet extrusion line can make superior plastic sheet from 0.1mm to 3mm with great efficiency using the raw material of PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, EVA and etc. Also Hyubwoo provide extra thin film extrusion line for lamination and other form sheet line. This line can be combined with the special continuous printing machine to produce any special use sheet.

PVC Pipe Manufacturing Plant

PVC Pipe

Foam Sheet Manufacturing Plant


PVC Pipe Manufacturing Plant                                                                          

Hyubwoo provide modernized technology to produce
  • Pressure water pipe
  • Rigid conduit pipe
  • Corrugated pipe
  • Flexible pipe
  • Garden hose

from small to large size using raw material of PVC,HDPE and LDPE


Foam Sheet Manufacturing Plant                                                            

Hyubwoo provide a special plant design, on your request, with new technology for various product such as;
  • Materials for inner shock absorption of foods, fruits, cosmetics and industrial machine parts
  • Containers such as lunch-boxes, vessels, and dishes
  • Transparent packing materials according to property of raw materials
  • Educational materials including toys.


Melamine Production Plant                                                                           

Actually, melamine is not plastic. Melamine, the superior material , has been developed as a substitute for ceramic, but easy to produce by similar processing of plastic.  Hyubwoo provide new technology with special machinery and full facility to produce melamine products;
  • Dishes, bowl
  • Kitchen hods
  • Plates
  • Ash tray
  • Other heat resistance materials


Flat Yarn Manufacturing Plant                                                                      

In various kinds of flat yarn mfg. plant, Hyubwoo recommend the most suitable model as your needs.
  • High speed and compact circular loom
  • Choosing our system of PP or PE woven bag mfg. line,
You already enter the successful business world.