Medical Care Factory


Medical care materials require specialized technology because of directly affected to valuable human lives. Hyubwoo provide the facility and machinery for medical care materials to meet client requirements according to the international health regulation.

Hyubwoo will specially in this field, do maintain steadily our efforts to achieve the advanced technical development to meet our client `s requirements.

Hyubwoo provide in this field


Condom Manufacturing Plant


Automatic E.O.Gas Sterilizer

Orthopedic Casting Tape


Disposable Syringe Plant  

Hyubwoo provide the complete line of the disposable syringe manufacturing line including
  • Injection for barrel, plunger & gasket
  • Printing for barrel
  • Assembling for syringe
  • Blister packing
  • Sterilizer
  • Test and Q/C system and know-how to operate the plant. For further details >>>


Disposable Needle Manufacturing Plant

Hyubwoo also provide automatic disposable needle mfg. plant including needle assembling system related with disposable syringe by the individual client requirements.

Orthopedic Casting Tape Manufacturing Plant

Hyubwoo also provide orthopedic casting tape plant including cutting-edged production technology and raw materials and know-how trandfer by the individual client requirements. For further details>>>

Condom Manufacturing Plant

The condom made in Korea is well known of the best quality in the world. Hyubwoo provide the full automatic plant designed in accordance with international standards such as ISO,  ASTM and SIDA.