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African Market Investigation  for      Electric Power Projects



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We are specialized in supply of medium-scaled industrial plants with high degree of assurance for high return on your investment. Also, we always are  ready to provide you with a complete proposal, including all data what you want to receive from supplier for technical evaluation.

With full confidence we would like to cooperate with you as a reliable partner, and we could provide you with total solution, ranging from the project feasibility study to commercial operation and the production technology transfer. 




Orthopedic Cast Tape Factory >>>

Rehabilitation of Aged Power Plants

Power plants age and the performance drops as the operation period passes, and at this time, it is necessary to improve the availability and the efficiency of power plants through performance improvement. In this regard, we introduce you a brand new business model called "WYNERGY". which improves the performance of power plants and contributes to the efficiency creation of profits and cultivation of technical professionals of the corresponding countries without adding financial and technical burdens to the clients by performing all processes from the investment stage for performance improvement of aged power plants to the operation and maintenance phase utilizing our extensive experiences and the latest technical capability. WYNERGY is a very excellent and innovative business model which helps the clients boost the profits, improve the efficiency of power generation and further contribute to the regional and national development by creating the maximum synergy between specialized companies. If you are interested in, contact us via email for details.


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AFPM(Axial Flux Permanent Magnet) Generator

Seoyoung Tech is a world leader in AFPM(axial flux permanent magnet) generator and small wind power technologies. Our competitive edge comes from the consistent R&D investment in the field of electromechanical devices since the foundation of the company in 2001. Our main products are AFPM machines and their applications such as small wind power and hydro power. The AFPM machine has a higher energy density due to its structural advantage. AFPM wind power generator is a direct-drive generator which does not need mechanical transmissions. Its energy conversion efficiency is very high and configuration is very simple. Our mission is customer satisfaction by guarantee of high quality product and green energy provider to protect the globe from the environmental pollution. ISO9001:2008 quality management system and CE are certified.

Model of Product-AFPM The range of output 100Watt to 10Kw and RPM from 130 to 300, Voltage level 12VDC TO 48VDC and 220VAC to 380VAC, Price Level US$700 to 15,000, subject to technical requirement and contract conditions.

 AFPM Generator for Small Wind Power

Small wind turbine equipped with coreless AFPM generator has a lot of advantages;

-High Torque and Power per Weight and Volume

-Low Speed, High Power Characteristics

-Disk Shape Generator

-No Cogging Torque due to Coreless Stator: Easy to Rotate




In February 2009 we have submitted the final report for power market investigation of Ghana and DR Congo, which took about one year long and we continue power market investigation for Mozambique and Tanzania from May 2008 to April 2009.  The further detailed information is introduced.

Since May 2007, we, the Consortium, are consisting of three independent organizations but we made the consortium to make a Contract and carry out assignments specified in the Contract funded by Ministry of Commerce and Industry. This mission aims to investigate electric power business markets in DR Congo and Ghana.  >>>>Further Details

Since 2006, we have worked with qualified and highly reliable manufacturers under collaboration agreement with KOPIA(Korea Plant Industry Association) for sales and marketing.  Those manufacturers mostly are specialized in machinery components for various plants applications i.e. petrochemical plants, power plants, industrial plants, and at right space in this page are introduced for direct access by clicking icon. We are ready to take care of your valuable inquiry.

A complete line of PP multi-filament production plant is capable of 3 tons production per day for wig fiber and  has been fabricated and successfully test-run on April 7th and shipped to Nigeria on April 10th 2007.

This photo shows test-run and trial fiber production assuring of fiber quality and machinery performance as specified.  It consists of pp extruder, spin draw machine, take-up winder, a mixer, a bundling machine and air compressor and necessary braiding machines.                              

LPG Filling Station

The LPG Filling Station is supplied ready for operation complete with all necessary machinery including following machines and services; >>For further details   


Orthopedic Casting Tape Factory

Synthetic orthopaedic casting tapes are of fiberglass or polyester fabric coated with water-activated polyurethane resin, and orthopaedic splint. Proven quality products have salient features over old-fashioned plaster bandages such as strength, lightweight, moldability and comfortability, etc. All products are CE marked and registered   >>> For further details

Case Study for Disposable Syringe Plant

In investment of disposable syringe production project the key cost impact factor depends on the quantity of installed injection molding machines for barrel, plunger and cap, which enables to determine  a production capacity of syringes for a planned factory.

Since last May 2006, we have pursued a disposable syringe production plant -KCPP in Nigeria by providing with brief business study report and necessary financial data. But, number of injection molding machines to be installed should be subject to how many types of syringes, i.e., 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 15cc or 20cc, etc.  It is because to produce more one type of syringes requires 3 molds for barrel, plunger and gasket and a printing machine  >>>> for further details                                                                                                                                  

Edible Oil Production Plant by using various type of seeds, such as, soyabean, corn, groundnut, etc. The complete line of machinery includes crude oil mill, refinery process, de-waxing process, bleaching process and deodorizing process. All utility are included.   **Production capacity is 5ton/10hours**


Soil-based Brick Manufacturing Factory

The soil-based brick machine and batcher plant have been developed enable the uniform mixing and proper reaction between the soil-solidifier and soil worldwide. As an additive that enhance the strength of soil bricks and pavements such as that it approximates that of conventional concrete-made brick or road pavement, the soil-solidifier(ENSAP-patented and brand name) is the result of considerable R & D effort.  For further details >>News

Agi-Homo Mixer for Cream, Lotion and Oil in Cosmetic Industry

This machine is for processing and mixing softly & homogeneously in a vacuum condition, and so is able to produce goods of different kinds and various volumes with their original design and mixing principle, they are capable of emulsifying and homogenizing, dispersing, dissolving and reaction-accelerating in liquid-liquid, liquid-powder, or liquid-solid quickly and easily. This machine is specially designed for production of cream, lotion and cleansing oil. In addition, we can transfer production know-how for top quality cosmetics (creams, lotions and others) along with associated machines.   >>News

We look forward to closely working with you for mutual profits in any possible ways whatever you are interested in.






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