1     Who are We?

We, the Consortium, are consisting of three independent organizations but we made the consortium to make a Contract and carry out assignments specified in the Contract funded by Ministry of Commerce and Industry. This mission aims to investigate electric power business markets in DR Congo and Ghana. We are consisting of;


1)    KOPIA  (Korea Plant industry Association -government based Association, www.kopia.or.kr) as Project Member.

2)    WP (Korea Western Power Co., Ltd - www.westernpower.co.kr-one of KEPCOs subsidiary power companies). WP takes up approximately 13% of the national generating capacity mostly comprised of thermal, combined cycle, and pumped storage power plants. WP was initiated in separation from KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation) under the Korea Power Industry Restructuring Act. WP is undergoing the deregulation and privatization process. WP has about 1,600 employees and its head office is located in Seoul, Korea as Potential Investor

3)    HED (HYUBWOO Engineering & Development - Engineering Consultant, www.hwed.co.kr for KOPIA-government based association) as Project Execution Leader.


2    Our Mission as the Consortium?

The our mission of the Consortium is to investigate new power projects envisaged or planne in SNEL and/or DR Congo, VRA, ECG, NED or IPPs in Ghana, such as power plants(hydro and thermal), UHV substation and transmission line projects and distribution facility or operation and maintenance projects, project feasibility study, etc.  


After power market investigation for DR Congo and Ghana, the Consortium will present the Market Investigation Report to Ministry of Commerce and Industry till the end of 2007.


If promising power projects are found by the market investigation in DR Congo and Ghana;


We would participate in the project whatever are a turn key base project, equipment supply only, engineering & design or any other form for contract by open tender by SNEL, VRA, ECG, NED or IPPs.


In this case, we should know how to participate in the project bid and technical specification of electrical equipments (transformers, switchgear, panels, metering devices, SCADA system, cable & wire, TL steel tower, etc. for price estimation, applicable codes & standards in DR Congo and Ghana.


In addition to this, we should know complete tender procedures from bidding announcement to contract and actual project implementation after contract in order to avoid any unexpected risk.


What Projects are We keen interested in from DR Congo and Ghana;


1-Tender projects various power plants(thermal & hydro), UHV switchyard, UHV transmission line

2- IPP(independent power producer) or PPP projects

3- Re-powering or repairing power plants,

4- Engineering & design services,

5- Operation , repair and maintenance services,

6- Feasibility study project, etc.

7- BOT(build-operate-transfer)

8- Any other projects       



            Our Working Schedule?

In order to find promising new power projects in DR Congo and Ghana, we as the Consortium are very actively working as per following schedule;


1)  May to August/September 2007


-    Search priority project(s) like the mentioned above in DR Congo through project experts in-charge in SNEL, VRA, ECG, NED or any IPPs or Private Sectors in DR Congo and Ghana.

-     If a promising priority project is found, we immediately start to study it and decide possibility of project(s) involvement by the Consortium by brief study.

-     If a project is decided for further study, we would enter into in-depth discussion for ultimate contract and request more useful data and information necessary for in-depth project study and, if necessary, terms and conditions for contract.

-     After interim discussion by remote coordination between DR Congo/Ghana and Korea principles of terms and conditions will be tuned for both party to proceed the project(s)


2)  September to November 2007(the Consortium will visit to DR Congo

     and Ghana)


-     Notify delegation visit schedule to DR Congo and Ghana for in-depth discussion by face to face meeting.

-     Investigate site of the projects to be proposed and implemented

-     Reach at the agreement after clearing all the pending issues

-     Agree future work schedule to contractually implement the project(s)

-     Set up the contact windows of each party for speedy communication and coordination.


 3) Continue to work the agreed power project(s) after visit to DR Congo and Ghana. Our mission funded by Government will last the end of 2007.


4.  We can Participate of Involve the Promising Power Project(s),

if found?


By WP investment


WP a member of our Consortium runs a number of power plants with total generating capacity of 10,000MW and WP is quite aggressive to invest power businesses, domestic and abroad, especially for African countries.


By EDCF fund (Economic Development Cooperative Fund)


Korea government operates EDCF fund and give project loans to low development countries necessary for expansion of social infra structures, such as power plant and electrification, hospital, school, technical training center, health & care facility, IT infra, education, etc.


By Other Funds Available


Particularly, in case of project feasibility study or engineering and design services, we can arrange various forms of fund from other concerned organizations.


For example,


- from KOPIA who is a member of our Consortium

- from ETEP(Electric Power Industry Technology Evaluation

& Planning)

- from ICAK(International Contractors Association of Korea)

- from Other Private Sectors who are interested in projects.


5.    What helps Do We need from You?


To finish successfully our mission mentioned above, we would like to get useful information, if it is with fee, we can buy it.


1)    Long term Power Development Plan by SNEL, VRA, ECG, NED or Ministry of Energy?

2)    Guide to Electric Power in DR Congo and Ghana, latest edition.

3)    Power Project List over next 10 years, Power Plant, T/L, D/L, Switchyard, etc.

4)    IPP Project List

5)    Regulation and Law for Power Project Investment by Foreign Private Sector

6)    Generating Capacity, Tariff System, Demand Forecast, Loss of TL/DL, ETC.

7)    Technical Specification of Electrical Equipment, Transformer, Circuit Breakers, Cable & Wires, HV Panel, Metering Devices and TL Tower and TL construction Spec.

8)   Tender Participation Introduction for Foreign Bidder

9)   Tender Board Member and how to get bid information and how to submit bid document for tender, etc.


To save time and search most promising projects before visit to DR Congo and Ghana we want to contact and study the projects as soon as possible. Remaining three months till visit to DR Congo and Ghana is not enough time to find new project.  Therefore, your assistance to introduce us proper person(s) would be quite helpful for us to find new electric power projects as soon as possible.




WP runs following power plants with total generating capacity of 10,000MW.


1. Taean Thermal Power Plant
In Operation : (6*500MW : Fuel - Bituminous Coal)
Under construction : (2*500MW : Fuel - Bituminous Coal)


2. Pyeongtaek Thermal and combined Cycle Power Plant
(4*350MW : Fuel - Bunker C-Oil, 4*80MW GT and 1*160MW ST : Fuel - LNG)


3. Seoinchon Combined Cycle Power Plant
(8*150MW GT and 8*75MW ST : Fuel - LNG)


4. Samryangjin Pumped Storage Power Plant (2*300MW)


5. Cheongsong Pumped Storage Power Plant
(2*300MW under construction whose estimated completion date is Unit 1,
September 2006 and Unit 2, December 2006 respectively