The effective management of municipal garbage has become a growing problem in recent years and the huge disposal of municipal waste that represent a threat to the environment.

Hyubwoo provide the state-of-art technology in treating municipal garbage and in particular pyrolysis technology for recycling the scrap tires, plastics and vinyl. It assures not only effective treatment but also recycling valuable resources, such as carbon black and high calorific fuel.

Infective wastes from hospitals should be properly treated and incinerated by eco-friendly ways and therefore for such purpose small-sized hospital incinerators are available.

Garbage treatment system is shifting to integrated treatment from landfill in the beginning. The integrated system aims to achieve more recycling of valuable resource and thereby less incineration and landfill as small as possible.

  • Plastic/vinyl pyrolysis plant
  • Garbage composting plant


  Pyrolysis plant

Scrap Tire Pyrolysis Plant in Baltimore, USA

The plant is being implemented as turn-key basis, including R&D, engineering, design, equipment supply, site supervision and start-up /commissioning.   

The plant includes:
  • Waste tire shredding  
  • Scrap tire handling
  • Pyrolysis reactor, rotary type
  • Oil condensation
  • Char collection system
  • NCG treatment
  • Flue gas treatment

The daily treatment capacity is 48tons of scrap tires and approximately equivalent to about 5,000 pcs a day. 


 Municipal Waste Treatment Plant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The integrated treatment plant include a recycling plant-PET, PP, PE, plastics,  composting and bio-generation plant and a incineration plant. Daily treatment capacity is 300 tons and each plant:

  • 120 TPD for recycling
  • 150 TPD for composting
  • 100 TPD for incineration
  • 700Kw for power generation


 Sludge Pyrolysis Plant in Baltimore, USA

Since 1930's the United States built and operated number of petro-chemical plants for long times and by such results a huge amount of chemical sludges has been accumulated under the bay of Baltimore. It was founded that the accumulated sludges cause to seriously seawater contamination, especially while dredging it .Therefore, the State of Maryland tried to incinerate it, but it makes another pollutants from flue has when it is burned. In the end, the State wants th pyrolyzed the sludges by using the similar type of our Kang-Jin Plant being well operated now. For trial operation, the State will pick up the sampling sludges from the bay and send it to us for pyrolysis and technical data collection.